Why Us

We believe that a creative communications agency should perform four key tasks:

  1. Provide strategic insights into the market
  2. Strengthen relations with the media
  3. Protect the reputation and enhance the branding of our clients
  4. Create compelling public relations strategies and messages


Insight believes that the best way to help the companies we represent is to earn the professional respect of the media on their behalf. Insight is in a unique position to do so since it is the only PR agency in Korea with management consisting of former senior journalists from top-tier international media.

In working with Insight, the client is not only buying into our extensive range of local and international media contacts, but also our well-honed storytelling skills and our deep knowledge of the Korean market and media.

We provide the conceptual thinking and great content that makes the client stand out in a competitive media environment. Our goal is to attract clients who share our values and who are not looking for “yes men” but rather an agency that is willing to challenge assumptions in the interest of providing thoughtful counsel.

Insight sees its role as connecting clients and stakeholders, whether they are customers, employees or the media, while bridging any cultural gap that may exist. Due our strong roster of PR professionals and former journalists, we enjoy an unsurpassed reputation among our clients for our knowledge of Korean and global markets and our understanding of international and local media.

Our name reflects our expertise: we know media; we know business; we know communications. And we know Korea.